We are getting published!

Hey guys! Special announcement time! 🙂

For a couple of months now we’ve been working non-stop on our story, both concept and writing-wise! We’ve been dying to announce it, and we think its finally time to do so!

We are getting published!! Both on english and spanish! throws confetti and hits Nathan in the eye

We couldn’t be more excited! However, we will have to stop posting pages online, but you can still follow any of our social media for any wips and silly stuff while we work on our project!

We are certainly forever grateful for all the support! This happened so fast we werent expecting to receive such an opportunity! To all of you, thankyou so much for every comment, fav, pledge and share! We couldnt be more thrilled to fully work on this and show you this story as best as we can ❤

Hopefully, we will meet the party again from Katherine Tegen Books on winter 2020!

Thank you so much again!

Ale and Fanny

Also a Special thanks to our awesome agent Mark Gottlieb from Trident Media Group and our editor Ben Rosenthal for this opportunity to share our project!

  • Blue

    Congrats you guys! Kinda sad since I don’t have the money to buy it yet. (Sadness meh) But you guys can bet when I get a job ya’ll gonna have a big time supporter! Can’t wait to see what else you guys do in the future! I’ll miss ya! :3

    • Mikijonie

      Maybe you’ll have the money in 2020 😉

      • Blue

        Hopefully :3

    • Ale

      Thankyou!! <3

  • ultrafire3

    Thank you for the journey. It’s been incredibly enjoyable and I’m happy to see that you’ve found a publisher to help you finish your work! See you in a few years!

    • Ale

      Thankyou so much! <3 see you in a few years!

  • Chico

    Congratz! I am happy for you guys. Sad I will have to wait 3 years ='(. But GOOD LUCK. I will be waiting.

    • Ale

      Thankyou!! <3

  • Rivkah F

    CONGRATULATIONS! This is one of my favorite webcomics and I am so, so happy for you! I’m disappointed that you have to stop posting, but I will keep my eye out for your book!

    • Ale

      Thankyou!! <3 haha yeah we are kinda sad we cant keep posting, but we will make sure to make it worth it once the book is out <3

  • WOW! Congrats! That is super amazing for you both! Keep us posted for sure please! I’m invested in your art and story!

    • Ale

      Thanks so much!! <3

  • Fifi102j


    • Ale

      THANKS! <3